International Journal of Humanities and Educational Research

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Area: Psychology

Sahib Jasim Hasan AL BAYATI
The recent research deals with the philosophical approximations in international contemporary formation. The research deals with an introduction that includes the problem and significance of it. This significance has represented by consideration of art as a language that has many complicated intellectual processes. This type of language has been ascertained by the Phenomenological Interpretation through constructing an artwork by using the same perception , and making approximation with the space that express a visual language. The research aims at finding out the philosophical approximations in international contemporary formation. The limits of the research is restricted to the study of philosophical approximations in contemporary formation specially the conceptual art from 1965 to 1970. The research has four sections : The first section deals with the meaning of concept in philosophical thinking: The research focuses on tracing back the concept process in philosophy. It presents many possibilities concerning the concept, the imagination and the thought. The second section deals with the concept as an interpretation : It states the idea of art prosperity through its quality not quantity. The third section deals with the philosophy of conceptual art ( Applications and Interpretations) : The artistic phenomenon can not be achieved without practice. This is a feature of ontology which requires the discovery of any phenomenon through its ontological function. This means the melting of an artwork with the outer atmosphere and horizons.The fourth section has the conclusions that have been drawn by the researcher. They are as follow : 1. The concept of text in (The Minimal Edge Art) is regarded as a meeting of texts. The text with its performing and formative types has depended on outer codes that make transformation in meaning. This results from ambiguity and connotations that are connected with hypothetical spaces. There is a renewal of old texts in every period. 2. The Discourse level of the performing arts (Body Language) has decreased to the degree of Civilized Decline. Dealing with mixed references has its spread over participations. This results from inadequate translation of synonyms which have mysterious and symbolic space limits. The research has a list of references, and English abstract.

Keywords: Philosophical Approximations, Applications and Interpretations, International Contemporary Formation
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